Represent Decathlon and spread the love!

We want YOU!

Come join a growing Decathlon Ambassador team, focused on spreading the love of sport and enable more people to practice sports by introducing them to quality products, at great prices.

As a Decathlon ambassador you:

  • Embody Decathlon's spirit of sport and inclusion in your community and beyond.
  • Help spread the love for Decathlon gear and products, and share our passion for making sports more available to anyone, anywhere.
  • Are active and engaged in your sport's community, whether it's running, outdoor adventuring, horseback riding or another sport that Decathlon represents (we have over 70 sports!)
  • Have a strong presence and engagement on social media, contribute to our Decathlon Blog (our "Playbook"), post to Instagram, and promote Decathlon products and events through your social channels.
  • Know your sport inside and out, and get excited about sharing your input with our brand managers and being part of shaping Decathlon's brand for your sport.
  • Can commit to participation in Decathlon events, and are not in a conflicting relationship with another sports brand.


  • Our Ambassadors have the opportunity to be featured in in-store marketing, at events, on our blog, social channels, catalogue and other marketing opportunities.
  • Ambassadors will receive the latest Decathlon gear and apparel to help you pursue your sport and do more what you love.
  • As an expert in your sport, you will have opportunities to test new Decathlon gear and products and share your feedback with brand managers. Your input is important to us!
  • Being a Decathlon Ambassador taps you into a global community that spans over 40 countries, 1,350 stores and over 85,000 employees worldwide.