Road & Gravel Bikes

Road & Gravel Bikes



At Decathlon, we have two brands--Triban and Van Rysel--that offer you the best in lightweight road and gravel bikes. Perfect for your short- and long-distance treks through the city, coast, and countryside in any weather; these bikes were designed by experts with your every need in mind. Maybe that’s why Bikeradar called our RC500a comfortable and efficient ride for a seriously good price”.

Our road bikes are built for comfort, accessibility and distance while retaining a relaxed and comfortable geometry. Triban bikes are the best fit for leisure and endurance riders while Van Rysel bikes are racing machines designed for performance. The Van Rysel range fits best racers and fast riders who want to dominate their group rides, with saying that our EDR AF105 “warrants serious consideration from anyone shopping for a high-quality yet cheap road bike.”

Carbon or Aluminum? We’ve got both. Carbon builds a lighter, stiffer and generally more comfortable frame than an aluminum one, but it commands a premium compared to aluminum. So sometimes an aluminum bike with a better parts package can be more appealing because it could be lighter, potentially faster, and cheaper too.

To ensure accessibility for all, we make bikes for men and women as well as unisex build, and accessories for your every cycling need. We have bike tires specially formulated for road bikes (700c is the recommended diameter for most road bikes). Stay safe while you ride with our bike helmets that can handle every scrape and fall. We’ll keep you on the road with some new bike pedals and shoes when you’ve done yours in. 

Can’t make a decision? We’ve got you covered. Learn how to choose a road bike so you can make an informed choice!